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The Walsh family have been working in the funeral business in the Dunmow area for over 90 years.


Alfred Bernard Walsh worked for a Mr Bush at Bran End, Stebbing as a carpenter and Undertaker from 1920. He stayed with Mr Bush until he made his coffin and buried him in 1928. Alfred stayed on and helped run the business until 1930. This is when he started on his own. He had a funeral order the first night and took on the parish funerals for the Dunmow area.


The parish funerals at this time were carried out for around 5 for the complete job. Alfred had his own Horse drawn hearse and Brome carriage. The hearse was given away to be made into a chicken house when motorised hearses became the norm.


At the beginning of the Second World War Alfred was offered the shed from the garden at Rood End in Dunmow. This had been Dr Trenches Billiard room. It was moved to Stebbing and used as a workshop and chapel of rest. We moved it again in 1995 to Stebbing Green where we still use it as our meeting room and chapel of rest although it is now modernised inside.


Michael J Walsh joined his father and brothers after his national service where they carried on the building and funeral directors business until his brothers retired in 1983. Michael then started on his own with his wife Jackie as Michael J Walsh builders and funeral directors. He had a funeral order in the first week.


Their son David J Walsh then joined the business in 1987. David married Liz in 1990 and they still run the business with Michael being very much involved at 84 years old.


David and Liz have five children with the eldest ones Katie, Daisy, Alfie and Mollie all helping out when needed.





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